NWM undertakes diving works in a variety of different environments including mooring inspections, fish farming inspections, civil operations and much more.

NWM provides diving services for a range of clients including CMAL, Wallace Stone, Scottish Salmon Company, Scottish Sea Farms, several local councils and many more. 
NWM provides all of its own self-contained diving facilities that are either towable by our fleet of vehicles or effectively packaged inside containers that allow for easy transportation across the country or to be located on one of our work vessels.

What We Cover:

  • Inspections of Moorings
  • Vessel Inspection
  • Fish Farm Net and Asset Inspection
  • Civil Operations
  • Airlifting
  • Add Cable Laying

Why North West Marine

NWM is an ADC certified member who strives to provide solutions that deliver the clients full needs.

Thanks to our self-contained diving facilities we are mobile and flexible to challenging working environments and can adapt to even the most difficult of projects.

Our professionalism and work ethic ensures that we will aid our clients to overcome even the most difficult of obstacles.

Our Experience

Established in 1992 as a shellfish diving company NWM has continued to grow from strength to strength.

Now in 2016 we have several dive teams, multiple self-contained dive facilities and a host of experience in all aspects of diving. We service approximately 700 moorings in Scotland, work closely with several councils and undertake a variety of civil operations. This variety and adjustability has allowed us to develop our skills to adapt to all situations.

Recent Case Studies