Working closely with our suppliers North West Marine can offer solutions to all of the client’s needs and requirements for pontoon installations and subsequent maintenance.

Thanks to our expansion in other areas of the business North West Marine routinely undertakes pontoon installations across the country. Our client’s requirements can vary vastly and we understand this and are happy to discuss the most suitable solutions with our clients. Thanks to this approach we have undertaken installations for individual clients and for larger marinas requiring various types of pontoons, such as wooden, steel, concrete etc.

What We Cover:

  • Installation of Pontoon Systems
  • Installation of Concrete Platforms
  • Installation and Servicing of Mooring Systems
  • Client Solution Support

Why North West Marine

We can offer our clients full support throughout the project lifecycle including help with design suitability, maintenance plans, timescales and costs.

As a result of our adaptability, varied experience and fleet of vessels we have the ability to aid our clients to install pontoons in even the most challenging environments and can undertake all of the necessary works for the installation.

Our Experience

We have dealt with clients across the country who’s needs all vary as a result of area, purpose, exposure and prevailing wind conditions.

We have undertaken several installations across the country, whose uses vary from breakwaters, private boating and commercial uses. As a result of our experience we can ensure that we offer the most suitable, cost effective solution for your requirements.

Recent Case Studies