We have an excellent reputation with client’s and solid experience in cable inspection, deployment and recovery utilising the ROV. NWM has always accommodated these projects as a priority mobilising at short notice and developing our process, procedures and systems
to meet and reflect the requirements of our client and SSE ensuring a consistent and seamless approach on these projects from communication protocols and Dive Plans to Method Statements and Risk Assessments.


What We Cover:

  • Various ROV Operations
  • Deep Sea Cable Inspection
  • 2 Different ROVs Suitable for
    a Range of Conditions & Environments

Why North West Marine

The Super Seaker comes in two 10ft by 8ft containers with a separate 300m umbilical winch.
One container houses all the surface electronics and controls whilst the other acts as the work shop and storage container. Separate 240V and 400V supplies are required to supply the control unit and winch.

Due to the packaging arrangements of the ROVs we are able to mobilise them effortlessly which allows us to respond quickly to our client's needs.

Our Experience

Our ROV has been used for cable inspection, deep water mooring inspection and its 3 D seabed modelling utilised for survey works .
This is an area of the business that we are actively trying to develop and expand into. We are
currently discussing with fish farmers, local authority marine infrastructure personnel and civil
engineering consultants with regards to the potential use and benefits of our system and have held
some open days and trial demos for a number of customers.

Recent Case Studies