Due to our extensive marine experience we can offer our services to provide salvage to most vessels and debris across the West Coast of Scotland. Thanks to our dive teams and varied vessels we can assign appropriate vessels based on environmental conditions, depth of water and scope of works that allow us to work in shallower waters around coastlines and deeper waters further afield.

Previously we have undertaken works for clients such as the MAIB and for private individuals and offer our full range of services to clients in dealing with difficult occurrences involved in salvage operations.

What We Cover:

  • Inspection of Wreck
  • Inspection of Surrounding Site
  • Assessment of Situation
  • Recovery of Salvage
  • Disposal if Necessary


Why North West Marine

Due to our varied services and assets and our specialised knowledge of the seas around the west coast of Scotland and further afield we can offer our experience in dealing with even the most challenging of situations in the most difficult of environments.


Our Experience

Previously we have undertaken salvage operations in an range of situations, environments, vessels and other such variables. We have undertaken works for the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) which has included projects like the salvage of the St Apollo vessel that ran aground just of the coast of the Isle of Mull.

In addition we have also

Recent Case Studies